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Paul Serrato: Origami

Paul Serrato & Co. - ORIGAMI
from Graffiti Productions: Urban Jazz - Not By The Rules

"Paul Serrato takes the raw material of his life's journey and tells his story that is growing more joyful and richer with time." - Read Turiya Mareya's complete review at

Cheryl Hughey, All About "Paul Serrato manages to create a CD that celebrates the rich history of jazz, while moving the music forward into the future. It's not completely straight-ahead or devoted only to smooth jazz. The tunes possess an often refreshingly light and airy approach."

Michael Gerchak, WUSR: "Paul Serrato & Co.'s latest release Origami is solid throughout without any letdowns. Very impressive."

Michael P. Gladstone, All About
"...a bluesy, midtempo suite in which there is minimal disruption of mood and pacing." Click here for complete review.

Marc Copeland, WFDU Jazz Influences: "I'm loving Paul Serrato & Co.'s Origami."

Click to play "Paul Serrato Dec. 29, 2004 interview" by Christopher Cooke of KIOS-FM, Omaha about Origami. Running time: 12 minutes.

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