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Paul Serrato: Mp3s(and CDs)

Purchase the Music of Paul Serrato online from  'iTunes' as indicated next to the album(s) below. Or you may buy directly from the artist.

Paul Serrato Gotham Nights Gotham Nights available at iTunes

..and previous releases:

Paul Serrato and the Jazz Destroyers Our Weekend with Paul Serrato available at iTunes

Urban Fingerprints Urban Fingerprints available at iTunes

Love Matters Love Matters(available from the artist) 

AlternationsAlterNations available at iTunes

Pianomania Pianomania available at iTunes


  Excursions Excursions available at iTunes

  Origami Origami available at  iTunes

 More Than Red More Than Red available at iTunes


Neon Palm Tree Neon Palm Tree(available from the artist)

  Nexus Nexus available at iTunes

  CDs can be also purchased for $15.00 check or money order(shipping in US included). Contact: Graffiti Productions: (402)505-3489.

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