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Paul Serrato: Love Matters

Paul Serrato's new release for 2014 is: Love Matters.


Paul Serrato's Love Matters, his eighth album, includes five unreleased tracks from his New York workshop archives, as well as live performance and studio recordings. The tracks provide a
panorama of music with the musicians who assembled over time in his studio. “I was lucky to have some of New York’s most exciting club musicians to play with,” says Serrato. The work often found its way
into the band book. Tracks were informally recorded on cassette decks of the time, Sanyo, Toshiba. “I’d simply count off and press the play button,” says Serrato. The music was what mattered, not
technology. “The musicians contributed their own creativity, giving my ideas the ultimate shape and character heard here. That’s jazz. I’m like a playwright. Musicians are the actors.” In the case of “The
Way It Is”, both workshop and live performance tracks are included.

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"Love Matters" can be purchased at (402-346-0264) or at Graffiti Productions (402)505-3489.

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