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Paul Serrato: AlterNations

Paul Serrato /AlterNations


"There are a thousand and one pianists these days on disc. But which ones tell a story? Your music has always done that for me."-Chris Cooke; KIOS-FM, Omaha

"...a wonderful album." John Segars; WUCF, Orlando

" Solo piano work is brilliant...enjoying AlterNations very much." Eric Cohen; WAER, Syracuse

" I really enjoyed the scope of the work. The mix of solos and group pieces is excellent. This vintage Serrato has hints of Brubeck, Ellington/Strayhorn, Kenton, Tatum and, of course, the Big Apple vibes. Terrific and I love it!." Sir Cool; Seattle.

" I remember six months I lived in New York and I can say your music expresses the atmosphere of the city, as well as of you. I think now you you are a bit of NYC in Omaha as I am a bit of Buenos Aires and New York in Spain." Pablo Moro; Musician and composer.

"A fine piece with echoes of Ellington." KIOS-FM Jazz Host Mike Jacobs in describing Meltdown from Alternations

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Listen to "Waltzing on The Hudson" from AlterNations

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AlterNations is available in Omaha at:
Homer's, 1210 Howard Street. Ph# 402-346-0264.

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