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Paul Serrato: Excursions

Sensuously intimate and playfully revealing, Excursions celebrates the influences of Brazil, while embracing the intercultural vibes of Serrato's favorite muse - New York City


Paul Serrato & Co. EXCURSIONS from Graffiti Productions:
Urban Jazz - Not by the Rules

"One of our favorite CD's of the year!" - Sonya Clark, WVAS 90.7 FM, Montgomery, Alabama

"Paul Serrato takes the raw material of his life's journey and tells his story that is growing more joyful and richer with time." Turiya Mareya, Jazz

"In a world of piano trio cds...(Excursions) sticks out immediately because of its distinct personality and excellence" Christopher Cooke, KIOS-FM, Omaha

Click to play "Paul Serrato April 26, 2005 interview by Chris Cooke" of KIOS-FM about Excursions. TT: 19 minutes

"...a wonderful cd." J. Scott Fugate, WBCX-fm, Gainseville, Ga.

KTSU, Houston: "Great cd!"

"(Paul Serrato) is a fascinating talent, blending so many styles into his own. (Excursions) is Latin with a sophisticated touch.
I can hear why Paul wanted trumpeter Reggie Pittman on this date. He fits better than a glove. What a haunting sound!"
Bob Snyder, WRST-fm, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh

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